The last day of the year is especially singular in Coín, the visitor will have the opportunity to experience the entrance to the new year in the most original way. The streets of the city become a coming and going of costumes, a true carnival where the imagination, grace and nonsense in the dress of an entire town come together with the joy typical of these dates. The Plaza Bermúdez de la Rubia, also known as "Plaza del Pescao" concentrates both locals and visitors to take the traditional lucky grapes with the chimes of the church clock. Then the party continues throughout the early morning in Plaza Alameda, where music and a good atmosphere are guaranteed.

It is one of the most original festivals that are celebrated in all of Spain and it arose at the end of the 1960s at the initiative of some neighbours. Since then, this event has gained new followers every year due to the good atmosphere that exists in this first “carnival” of the year.


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